Vision Statement

Loving children in significant need, showing them Christ’s compassion and bringing glory to God.

Mission Statement

We reveal Christ to children in significant need, bringing them to personal relationship with Him, by demonstrating His compassion and love.

We provide loving homes of immediate physical safety to children and ensure the children’s ongoing physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual development.

We create networks of Christian foster families where Children can grow up within the context of a family. We therefore raise awareness of the plight of children, facilitate families considering fostering children, and provide ongoing support to those families.

We demonstrate the power of prayer by relying on God to provide all our needs and the needs of every child placed in our care.


We have taken George Muller’s life of faith as our model and have been challenged by how he believed, through prayer, that God would provide for his every need.

He felt led to demonstrate God’s faithfulness to others and he also wanted people to witness that God fulfils His promises. God was glorified through the orphanage that Muller set up, where over 10 000 orphans passed through his care, receiving love, food, clothing and shelter.

Our Methodology

In following the Holy Spirit’s prompting we have found ourselves moved by the following scripture:

“Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.” James 1:27 (NIV)
In this respect, and with this as our starting point, we have felt especially compelled to focus our attention on children at risk. To this end we have established the uThando leNkosi Trust, which acts as a control centre for setting upplaces of safety. These homes will be places of security and stability where children can receive the love and care.

Currently there is a huge gap in South African Social Services for these short term places of safety andemergency care.
In March 2008 we set up our first home in Cape Town, which is ideally suited to this vision. When a child enters our home, we understand that they will be coming from a very unstable and often traumatic home situation or experience. As such, the primary aim of the workers in the home will be to provide much needed stability, routine, and unconditional love – safe beds, warm meals, and an environment conducive to healthy and positive childhood experiences. In addition, we are looking to extend our organisation’s skill-set in order to provide children with trauma counseling, long-term psychological therapy and play therapy.

Beyond meeting the immediate needs of children at risk, we also aim to set up a more efficient foster care and adoption network amongst churches within South Africa. This will be done in order to provide the much needed supply of homes for children in need, placing them in loving Christian homeswithin their community. When families from this network choose to accept one of these children into their homes, we aim to be available to train, prepare and support these families through their fostering/adoption experiences.